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​Welcome to St. Sebastian Church’s web site!  Electronic communication is a wonder of our modern era. Our hope is that this technology will help us also wonder about our faith, inform us about our community of faith, and help us announce God’s Kingdom to each other and the broader community. This web site is a way to keep in touch so that God can touch us all in Christ’s Spirit.

May we use it well for that purpose.

How to Join Our Family

We are an active faith community of just over 1,200 households, and we strive to deepen the faith and to broaden the vision of the church for all parishioners. Since Christ, present in the celebration of the word and sacrament, is the source and summit of our faith, our celebration of the liturgy is the life blood of our parish.

To join our family, please complete the new parishioner form and drop it in our mailbox or the collection basket.  If you have further questions, or need more information about parish membership, please contact us.